In today's production, aimed at a domestic and international market, all companies must follow standards in terms of quality, hygiene and safety, food traceability and environmental impact.

But in a marketplace that is by now global, these norms must include the possibility of satisfying the requests of a market, such as that of people of Islamic faith, that necessitates the additional requirements of Halal quality.

The term Halal - which in Arabic means lawful permitted - does not refer merely to food production but to any market area, such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, health products, clothing, tourism and even finance and insurance .
In the food market the product, and the entire production cycle, must be monitored to ensure that no substances that violate Halal, such as parts of pig or alcohol, are present.

Halal Global's services are therefore aimed both at manufacturing companies and practicing Muslims. The latter, in fact, will be sure that products with Halal certification comply with the dictates of Shari'a and therefore with Islamic religion and law.

For Halal Global's manufacturers, as the agency that certifies Halal quality, we will help them in every phase of the production process, making sure that:

assistance and consultation is provided to companies, both public and private, or to public and private entities, for necessary adjustments for production and marketing of Halal products and services;

diffusion of Halal principles and products that respect them is encouraged;

the company's entire production cycle complies with Shari'a requirements for Halal;

certification is issued that states, both for use nationally and internationally, that the product or service is considered Halal quality;

relations between producers and distributors and the Islamic world are facilitated and promoted.